grolj4 - groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family


grolj4 [ -lv ] [ -d[n] ] [ -cn ] [ -ppaper_size ] [ -wn ] [ -Fdir ]
       [ files... ]

It is possible to have whitespace between a command line option and its


grolj4 is a driver for groff that produces output in PCL5 format suitable for an HP Laserjet 4 printer.

There is an additional drawing command available:

\D'R dh dv'
Draw a rule (solid black rectangle), with one corner at the current position, and the diagonally opposite corner at the current position +(dh,dv). Afterwards the current position will be at the opposite corner. This generates a PCL fill rectangle command, and so will work on printers that do not support HPGL/2 unlike the other \D commands.


-cn Print n copies of each page.

-l Print the document with a landscape orientation.

-d [n] Use duplex mode n: 1 is long-side binding; 2 is short-side bind
ing; default is 1.
-psize Set the paper size to size, which must be one of letter, legal,
executive, a4, com10, monarch, c5, b5, dl.
-v Print the version number.
-wn Set the default line thickness to n thousandths of an em. If
this option isn't specified, the line thickness defaults to 0.04 em.
-Fdir Prepend directory dir/devname to the search path for font and
device description files; name is the name of the device, usually lj4.
The following four commands are available additionally in the font description files:
pclweight N
The integer value N must be in the range -7 to +7; default is 0.
pclstyle N
The integer value N must be in the range 0 to 32767; default is 0.
pclproportional N
A boolean flag which can be either 0 or 1; default is 0.
pcltypeface N
The integer value N must be in the range 0 to 65535; default is 0.


A list of directories in which to search for the devname directory in addition to the default ones. See troff(1) and groff_font(5) for more details.


Device description file.
Font description file for font F.
Macros for use with grolj4.


Small dots.


lj4_font(5), groff(1), troff(1), groff_out(5), groff_font(5), groff_char(7)
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