installpkg - install Slackware packages.


installpkg [ -m ] packagename
installpkg  [  -warn ] [ -root /otherroot ] [ -infobox ] [
-menu ] [ -ask ] [ -priority ADD|REC|OPT|SKP ] [  -tagfile
/somedir/tagfile ] packagename [ packagename2 ...  ]


installpkg installs single or multiple *.tgz binary pack ages designed for use with the Slackware Linux distribu
tion onto your system.


-warn packagename
Generate a report to the standard output about
which files and directories would be removed or
overwritten if you install the package, but do not
actually install it.
-root /otherroot
Install using a location other than / (the default)
as the root of the filesystem to install on. In
the example given, use /otherroot instead. Setting
the ROOT environment variable does the same thing.
Use /bin/dialog to display an informational dialog
as the package is installed. Primarily used when
installpkg is called from other scripts.
-menu Use /bin/dialog to display a menu asking the user
if they would like to install the package(s) or
not. Generally used when installpkg is called from
other scripts.
-ask Used with -menu mode. When selected, always ask if
a package should be installed regardless of what
the package's priority is.
-priority ADD|REC|OPT|SKP
When installing with the -menu option, package pri
ority levels (found in the file "tagfile" in the
package directory) are used to automatically
install (ADD) or skip (SKP) a package, or to sug
gest recommended (REC) or optional (OPT) to the
user if a menu is displayed. If a priority is set
on the command line, it will override the values
set in the tagfile for the entire package list.
-tagfile /somedir/tagfile
Specify a different file to use for package priori
ties (in this example, /somedir/tagfile will be
used). The default is "tagfile" in the package's


Patrick J. Volkerding <>


makepkg(8), removepkg(8), explodepkg(8), pkgtool(8), upgradepkg(8)
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