upgradepkg - upgrade Slackware packages.


upgradepkg [ --install-new ] [ --reinstall ] [ --verbose ]
newpackagename [newpackagename2]
upgradepkg [ --install-new ] [ --reinstall ] [ --verbose ]
oldpackagename%newpackagename [old2%new2]


upgradepkg upgrades a Slackware .tgz package from an older version to a newer one. It does this by INSTALLING the new package onto the system, and then REMOVING any files from the old package that aren't in the new package. If
the old and new packages have the same name, a single
argument is all that is required. If the packages have
different names, supply the name of the old package fol
lowed by a percent symbol (%), then the name of the new
package. Do not add any extra whitespace between pairs of
old/new package names.

If upgradepkg finds more than one installed package match
ing the old package's name, it will remove them all.

To upgrade in a directory other than / (such as /mnt):

ROOT=/mnt upgradepkg package.tgz


Normally upgradepkg only upgrades packages that are
already installed on the system, and will skip any
packages that do not already have a version
installed. If --install-new is specified, the behavior is modified to install new packages in
addition to upgrading existing ones.
Upgradepkg usually skips packages if the exact same
package (matching name, version, arch, and build
number) is already installed on the system. Use
the --reinstall option if you want to upgrade all
packages even if the same version is already
Show all the gory details of the upgrade.


Before upgrading a package, save any configuration files
(such as in /etc) that you wish to keep. Sometimes these
will be preserved, but it depends on the package struc
ture. If you want to force new versions of the config
files to be installed, remove the old ones manually prior
to running upgradepkg.


Patrick J. Volkerding <volkerdi@slackware.com>


makepkg(8), installpkg(8), removepkg(8), explodepkg(8), pkgtool(8)
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