SIS - The System Installation Suite


The System Installation Suite (SIS) is a tool for remotely
installing Linux on groups of machines over a network.

Quick Install

The following steps are required for installation:
Install Linux on the install server from CDs or some
other method
Install SystemInstaller and its prerequisites on the
server. The prereqs are:
perl-Tk (if using systeminstaller-x11)
You can use http://prdownloads.source to download and install the
SIS packages.
Copy your desired distribution's package files to a
directory on the server (default is /tftpboot/rpms).
Also copy systemconfigurator and perl-AppConfig files
to this directory.
Create your image using one of these methods: tksis,
buildimage, or mksiimage. Package list files can be found in
/usr/share/systeminstaller/distinfo/. See mksiimage man page for
package file format if creating your own. Make sure that system
configurator and perl-AppConfig are listed in the file.
Create your disk partition table using one of these
methods: tksis, buildimage, or mksidisk. A sample disk partition
file can be found in /usr/share/doc/systeminstaller-[ver
sion]/disktable. See mksidisk man page for disk partition file
format if creating your own.
At this point, run mkautoinstallscript if you have
been using the mk* commands.
Create your client machines using one of these meth
ods: tksis, buildimage, or mksirange.
If you need to use network boot, or need to have stat
ic dhcpd, collect and set the MAC address for your machines using
mksimachine --Update
Run mkdhcpconf --outfile /etc/dhcpd.conf +other op
tions to create the dhcpd.conf file.
Touch /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases to enable dhcpd.
Restart the dhcpd, xinetd and systemimager services.
Set up remote booting using either mkautoinstalld
iskette, mkautoinstallcd, or mkbootserver (requires pxe package
from your distro). An alternate way of setting up the network
boot server requires the syslinux package (available from your
distro or a. Copy /usr/share/syslinux/pxelinux.0
as /tftpboot/pxelinux.bin b. Create directory /tftpboot/pxelin
ux.cfg c. Copy /etc/systemimager/pxelinux.cfg/default to /tftp
boot/pxelinux.cfg d. Copy kernel and initrd.img from
/usr/share/systemimager/boot/i386/standard to /tftpboot (requires
the systemimager-i386boot-standard package).
Boot the remote machines using whichever method you
set up in the previous step. If network booting, remember to set
the bios start option of your machines accordingly.


Michael Chase-Salerno <>


buildimage, tksis, mksirange, mksimachine, mksiimage, mk
sidisk, perl
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